Дэлхийн түвшний Монгол хуульчид


The Parliament has approved the Resolution on the draft laws and Resolutions at the Spring Regular Session of 2020. These include:

  1. The budget framework statement of the 2021 Unified Budget of Mongolia, and 2022-2023 draft law on budget forecasting;
  2. “The Ratification of the Budget Performance of Mongolia in 2019” draft Resolution of the Parliament, the 2019  unified budget performance of Mongolia, Unified
    Financial Statements of the Parliament;
  3. The 2019 fulfillment of the main directions of economic and social development in Mongolia;
  4. “The 2021 Ratification of the Fulfillment of the Main Direction of Economic and Social Development ” draft Resolution of the Parliament;
  5. “Vision 2050”, “the Concept of Long-Term Development of Mongolia” draft Resolution of the Parliament ;
  6. The revised draft law on Development Policy Planning and Management;
  7. The revised draft law on the President of Mongolia;
  8. The draft law on the Sovereign Wealth Fund;
  9. The revised draft law on the Parliament of Mongolia;
  10. The revised draft law on the rules of procedure of the sessions of the Parliament of Mongolia;
  11. The revised draft law on Government of Mongolia;
  12. The revised draft law on Administrative, Territorial Units and Governance of Mongolia;
  13. The revised draft law on Legal Status of the Capital City;
  14. The revised draft law on the Legal Status of Towns and Villages;
  15. The revised draft law on Political Parties;
  16. The revised draft law on the Financing of Political Parties; 
  17. The draft "Parliament Resolution on scheduling the Election of Citizens' Representative Meeting of Provinces, Capitals, Soums, Districts and setting the Election Date"; 
  18. Others. 

Whether to discuss laws and regulations other than those referred to in Paragraph 1 of the Resolution, which are under discussion and that have been submitted by the President of Mongolia, members of the Parliament and the Government of Mongolia to the Parliament at the 2020 Spring Session would be resolved from time to time. 

Source: Parliament.mn