Дэлхийн түвшний Монгол хуульчид

FESCO launches new container train from China to Russia via Mongolia

FESCO has launched a new rail freight service between the Chinese city of Chongqing and Vorotynsk station in Kaluga region, Russia. The new link is entirely dedicated to the transportation of Chinese cars in containers. Another feature of the service is the route via Mongolia.

The first train has arrived at Vorotynsk station on 6 October. It consisted of 50 containers loaded with 150 cars. FESCO did not unveil the name of the car manufacturer that ordered the delivery. However, the published photo indicates that it could be Geely Automobile. The entire journey took 17 days. On the way from Chongqing to Vorotynsk, the train runs via Erlian (Erenhot) and Naushki railway border crossings. FESCO plans to operate the new container train two to four times per month. The company plans to transport 200-400 TEUs per month.

Russian logistics companies have been actively developing the Mongolian route for three years. In 2016, Russia and China concluded an agreement to establish the China – Mongolia – Russia economic corridor. A year later, the first container train from China to Europe via Mongolia was launched. It connected the Chinese city of Changsha with Dobra terminal in Slovakia. Besides the New Silk Road links, the Mongolian route is also used for the direct rail freight services from China to both Russia and Belarus. For instance, two new trains started to run from the Russian city of Yekaterinburg to China and Russia via Mongolia.